This is Scooter, my cat.
He was born on June 26, 1993 and died on June 18, 2005.
Among his nicknames were:
Scooter Pie, Insect, Dead Meat

(the latter given to him by a former boyfriend with whom Scooter had a little run-in)
When I moved to Bethany in 2002, Scooter became a country cat, and could go outside whenever he wanted. He became much mellower and Bill was no longer scared to death of him.
Everyone else wisely remained scared to death of him.

His favorite activities were:
¤ sharpening his claws on my living room furniture and human legs;
¤ drinking water from the kitchen faucet;
¤ terrorizing my guests;
¤ sitting on whatever it was I was reading;
¤ pretending he was the centerpiece on my kitchen table;
¤ sitting on my lap and purring while I told him how pretty he was and then biting me to let me know when he had enough;
¤ sleeping;
¤ picking on Darlene