Handmade reusable fabric face masks made by Mickey Koth

These non-medical-grade face masks are made with two layers of pre-washed and machine-dried 100% cotton.
There are two sizes: medium adult for smaller faces and large adult for larger faces.
    Medium masks average 8 inches wide, and about 5 inches from the top of the mask near the nose to the bottom of the mask.
    Large masks average 9 inches wide, and about 6 inches from the top of the mask near the nose to the bottom of the mask.
A removable pipe cleaner in a slot along the top of the mask allows you to fit the mask snugly to your nose.
There is a pocket for a removable filter (paper towel, napkin, fabric, etc.; not included).
Elastic is used to hook the mask behind the ears. It is removable and could be replaced with another type of binding, such as shoe laces or T-shirt yarn.
    (See how to make yarn from a T-shirt under Make your own mask.)
Hand or machine wash, removing the pipe cleaner and any non-reusable filter.
Air dry to prevent shrinkage. (Don't microwave them, as the thread may be polyester, which can catch on fire in a microwave.)

These are not medical-grade face masks.

You can buy already-made mask(s) or select fabric for mask(s) to be made to order.
The cost is $10.00 each, plus, shipping (USPS only) if needed:
   * shipping cost starts at $3.80 (Because a face mask, even in a regular envelope, doesn't lie flat, the USPS considers it to be a parcel and charges accordingly.)
   * the price for each additional mask and for different distances will vary.
   * if you live near me, they will be available for pick up from my house.
Send an e-mail to indicate your choice of mask or fabric and size for a made-to-order mask.
I will reply with my address so you can decide if pickup or mail works best for you and the total cost (not including mailing).
Payment: I accept cash or Paypal, occasionally beer, sometimes bartering, or, if the situation gets really dire, toilet paper.
When ordering a made-to-order mask, allow some time for me to make your mask(s). Depending on demand and the vagaries of my 60-year-old sewing machine, it could be as long as a week.
I am not set up to do high-volume orders.

Want to make your own face mask? Click here for both sew and no-sew instructions for non-medical-grade face masks.

Already-ready made face masks available for purchase
(click on an image for a larger view)
(See other masks I've made (and could make again) with some of the fabric below.)

Vegetable and fruit fabric, medium, reversible, front and reverse:
Violets, pansies fabric, medium, reversible, front and reverse:

Flower fabric, medium
Cat fabric, medium
Bird fabric, medium
Patterned fabric, medium
Leaf fabric, large
Butterfly fabric, large
Patterned fabric, medium
Flower fabric, medium
Flower fabric, medium

Available fabric for made-to-order face masks
Cats | Other animals | Novelty: food | in the home | music, celestial, sports | Flowers | Leaves | Patterns

Note: the colors are mostly true, but not all the fabric photographed well. It happens to the best of us.
(click on an image for a larger view) See more masks made with some of this fabric.

Cats 1: Cats 2: Cats 3: Cats 4:
Cats 5: Cats 6: Cats 7:
Animals 1: Animals 2: Animals 3: Fox:
Other animals: Birds
Birds 1: Birds 2: Birds 3: Birds 4:
Other animals: owls | cardinals | dragonflies
Birds 5: owls: Birds 6: cardinals: Dragonflies 1: Dragonflies 2:
Other animals: butterflies
Novelty: Food | In the home
Food 1: Food 2: Food 3: In the home 1:
Novelty: In the home | Toys | Tools
In the home 2: In the home 3: Toys Tools
Novelty: Music | Celestial | Sports
Music: Celestial: Sports:
Flowers 1: Flowers 2: Flowers 3: Flowers 4:
Flowers 5: Flowers 6:
Leaves 1: Leaves 2: Leaves 3: Leaves 4: ginkgo:
Leaves 5: Fall 1: Leaves 6: Fall 2:
Patterns 1: Patterns 2: Patterns 3: Patterns 4:
Patterns 5: Patterns 6: Patterns 7: Dots:

Face masks I've made (and could make again) with some of the fabric above
(click on an image for a larger view)

Reversible masks:

Make your own face mask

This is the pattern I used, with some slight modifications: Versatile face mask pattern
     I consolidated the instructions from many pages to 2 pages (large PDF files): page 1 | page 2
     and modified the template for a larger and medium face mask (large PDF files): medium face mask | large face mask: outer | inner

Other instructions/patterns:
How to sew a fabric face mask (New York Times)
Homemade cloth face coverings, both sew and no sew instructions; scroll down about half way (CDC)
No sew sock face mask (LA Times)
T-shirt fabric face mask
Face mask sewing pattern
Short YouTube video on how to make yarn from a T-shirt. (Warning: Turn the volume down--the music is execrable.)