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Reusable fabric face masks (non-medical grade) | Fabric covered button magnets | Reusable fabric coffee cup sleeves | How to order

Cover button magnets
Click for a larger view:
Set of four 7/8" magnets: $7/set:
1. cats:
2. hedgehogs:
3. dachshunds:
Set of two 7/8" magnets: $4/set:
1. hedgehogs:
2. music notes:
3. birds:
Individual 1 1/16" magnet: $3 each:



row 1: cat 1, cat 2, cat 3, cat 4, dog1
row 2: bird 1, bird 2, bird 3, owl, dragonfly
row 3: panda, santa, alien 1, alien 2, snowman
Other magnets
Set of four 5/8" magnets:

Individual 5/8" magnets:
$1.50 each:

row 1: bunny, cardinal, Woodstock
row 2: cat face, monkey face, fish
Set of two magnets: $4/set:
1. mushrooms:     2. dachshunds:

Reusable fabric coffee cup sleeves:
Protect your hands from a hot paper beverage cup with an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cardboard sleeves! Made from cotton with a matching button and elastic.

Click for a larger view:

Pattern 1, pattern 2, pattern 3,
brick wall, footballs, fishing:

Tomatoes, fruits & veggies,
leaves 1, leaves 2, flowers & bees,
flowers 1, flowers 2:

For the holidays!:
Nutcracker, jingle bells, dogs:

How to order:
Send an e-mail to indicate your choice of item(s). I will reply with my address so you can decide if pickup or mailing works best for you, the total cost (not including mailing), and how to send payment.
I accept cash or Paypal. If need be, a check will work. I also barter!
If you live near me, your order will be available for pick up from my house or I may be able to deliver.
   * If mailing is required, the cost will vary depending on the size of your order and the how far away you live. I use USPS only.