Midi files for some of the fiddle tunes I've written 12/9/19

Al's Waltz
Catherine and Oliver's Wedding
The Day After
Rainy Day Waltz
Summer's End
Waltz for Ev
Waltzing Wind

Reel sets:
Get Along Little Kitties / F Chord in the Road / Whistle While You Walk
January-February March / Misery Creek / Flattery
Medium Liza Jane / Lulu's Coffee Reel / Under the Waterfall
Not So Simple Gifts / A Nod to Phoebe / Peepers & Bullfrogs
Planxty My New Fiddle / Typically Mickibly Reel / Contra Stomp
Rascal / Pot-Bellied Pig on a Bike / Hot Flash
Renee's Reel / Scorcher / Hanging by a Thread
The Robin / Dark and Stormy Night / Maudite
Sacrificial Zinc March / Flattery / Happy AF

Jig sets:
Bumpy Road to Portland / Spookiscary Jig / Solstice Jig
Elf Torag / January Freeze / New Boiler
Not What I Expected to Hear / Anthony's Jig / Off Kilter Jig
Somewhat Irish / Relatively Minor / Pinkles and Tweeters