fill my days, and my living room,
and my bedroom, and my heart.
I want to live in a house like this,
with a bedroom like this
and bathtub tiles like these!
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Welcome to
Bite Your Own Elbow
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Mickey Koth
"koth" rhymes with "both"

music librarian & musician
member of Wry Bred, Oh, Reely? & O'Wryly

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I make casual & whimsical jewelry & other stuff.
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My cats
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Darlene (c1993-2012),
(d. 2009),
Heidi (adopted Feb. 27, 2012),
(adopted June 13, 2012)
Cats in libraries
Fiddle stuff
Fiddle resources
CONNtra CONNection:
the place for everything related to
contra dancing in Connecticut
Contra dance music:
a working musician's guide
Choosing tunes for medleys
Playing together with style
What makes a good contra dance band?
Tune collections on the Internet:
free collections of tunes in
gif, jpg, pdf, png, or tif format
and/or in ABC notation
Other music stuff
Musical terminology
Key characteristics
Women in art with cello YouTube video
Nora the piano cat
Easy guides to grammar: I or me § a which hunt § some vs. any
Punctuation pet peeves: Bob's quick guide to the apostrophe
The dreaded apostrophe: "Use an apostrophe when letters are missing."
The Apostrophe Protection Society § Abused apostrophes!
New!: How to use a semicolon! § See also The 15 punctuation marks

Important things to know:
The Constitution of the United States
The Bill of Rights

Whitneyville: it's where I live!
1253 Whitney: co-working space & cultural center
Books & Company
My house in Whitneyville: then and now

Nonhuman Rights Project
A list of cosmetics, personal care, and household-cleaning products that
» are not tested on animals1
» are tested on animals1
1 "Animals" in this case means other than human animals
Viola jokes: part 1 and part 2 from MIT
Pete Levin's Viola Joke Collection
No Laughing Matter A serious paper on the folklore of viola jokes by Carl Rahkonen (who is a violist) presented at a serious conference
Other jokes:
instruments | cello | banjo | drummers
Boycott Koch Products
Why? Because the Koch brothers support (control?) Scott Walker, anti-progressive governor of progressive Wisconsin, my home state

Koch-Bros sing-a-long!
from Koch-Blocked
Humanism, Freethought and other
Secular web sites

Humanist Manifesto III || Atheist Hymn (youtube)
Links of interest:
Bypass compulsory web registration
Honku || musician's friend company
Tea Party Jesus || Teabonics
New Age Bullshit Generator
Fonts: Periodic table of typefaces | Comic sans criminal
Identifont | Why I hate Times Roman
Ct stuff: The Greater New Haven Cat Project Stratford Cat Project Simon's Cat Play the catcordion! Guide to cat videos on the web
Local (to me) stuff: Whitneyville: it's where I live! ~ EcoWorks: sells low-cost art supplies materials otherwise destined for disposal
Urban Miners: salvages and sells building materials and household goods to minimize waste to sustain the local community.
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